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Scott’s Plumbing Supplies has been trading for over 70 years and is a supplier to the trade and retail of electric hot water services, gas hot water services, solar hot water services, kitchen sinks, baths, tapware, sanitary ware and whitegoods.

We provide customers with the right material, at the right price, to get the job done right, is supported by a management team and staff with over a 70 years of combined industry experience. This experience and “on the job” training, gives the Scott’s Plumbing Supplies team the resources needed to obtain virtually any plumbing or plumbing related product.

Our Suppliers

Scott’s Plumbing Supplies deals with the entire range of tapware, sanitary ware, kitchen and bathroom sinks and basins from local and imported manufacturers. If Scott’s Plumbing Supplies doesn’t have what you need in stock, don’t worry!
Visit our manufacturer’s links to find the part you need and we will get it for you!
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